You Must Say It Right

Our local theater group, The Stage Hands, recently finished a two week run of The Laramie Project.

I had the privilege of playing the “Greg Pierotti” set of roles.  It was my first time getting back on stage in some seven years.  Over the last decade I’ve done more directing than acting.  I’m a bit of a control freak, so that probably suits me.

The treatment of gay people in this country is an issue that I have a heart for.  There are a number of people I cherish in my life who identify as gay, and their marginalization, while it is slowly easing up, is an insult to the basic freedoms we have as individuals in the U.S. Continue reading

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Sledgehammer of a Salesman

deathsalesmanLet me frame this one a little bit before diving in.

I read a lot of plays. More than I ever see. Where I live the opportunities are limited.

I’ve never been very well tuned to Shakespeare, although the recent Shakespeare Santa Cruz production of Henry V was a stunning wake up call to what I’ve missed all these years.

I have never been able to get through any of Eugene O’Neill’s work. Still trying though.

I haven’t read Our Town either. I’ll get to it. Continue reading

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Taking Leave of King Lear

This fall I’m directing an amazing play, Taking Leave, by Nagle Jackson.

When I read the script last year, I was blown away by its sense of truth, its humor, and its poignancy.

I’m a guy who is very into theater.  I love plays, and I would love to direct and perform in plays that probably wouldn’t suit our small town audience.  I’m always reading plays.  But not Shakespeare.  Not entirely anyway.  One I got all the way through and really enjoyed is “As You Like It.”  I have some ideas about that one, but that’s for another day. Continue reading

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Gotta Have Game

I love this article:

In Support of Play

I have loved the theater since my fifth grade teacher handed me a script, the lead, and a chance to be good at something since I wasn’t good at paying attention, doing my homework, or any other part of the normal schooling experience.  There is nothing like the process of learning a role, of becoming, getting underneath, finding the heart of a character. Continue reading

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Welcome to AnthonyWrites

Welcome to the newly restored AnthonyWrites, now on WordPress.  Like many others, I left behind Livejournal and add this to my other WP blogs.

I may eventually move my old posts from my Livejournal site, but for now I plan to start fresh.

My current WIP is a full length stage drama/dark comedy titled “It’s Not Love on My Part,” about a family whose vigil over their comatose, dying father becomes a reckoning over the wreckage of their past. Continue reading

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