Works in Progress

My pattern is to have several works in various stages of progress at all times. I’ll work on one for a couple of days to a week or more, then move onto something else. It keeps things fresh and moving for me.

Sometimes I do get very focused on one project and push through it to finish up. Most of the time having several projects helps me take my mind off one I’m stuck on and give my subconscious time to come up with a solution while my attention is elsewhere.

The following are projects that are either in the rewriting stage, or near completion.


Love and Death in San Francisco

A modern noir crime story. Sal Eberhardt is a veteran Homicide Detective with the SFPD, tracking down a killer of underaged male prostitutes, who must cut her way through a tangled trail of mystery and betrayal before another boy dies.


Rigo, a young Norteño gang member freshly released from prison for assault charges, wants to leave and put the gang life behind him, only to find that the gang will not give him up willingly… or alive.

Untitled Steampunk Adventure

On an alternate Earth, several historical figures convene to prevent Russian Revolutionaries from obtaining a devastating weapon at the dawn of the 20th century.

The Adventures of Sterling Flynn

Sterling is a 13 year old hacker extraordinaire who has been recently orphaned when his parents were lost in a plane crash. When he and his uncle try to learn what happened to them, he is thrust into a world of global intrigue with shadow governments, UFO technology, and aliens, all leading to a startling discovery about his parents’ fate.



Allie and her husband, Seth, at the urging of a neighbor, arrive at the home of Allie’s estranged, widowed mother, Mona, to find she’s become a hoarder in the six years since they last were here for the funeral of Allie’s father. Allie and Seth try desperately to intervene, with devastating consequences.

Update: Stacks was chosen as a finalist in the New Works @TheWorks at Playhouse on the Square in Memphis, TN. It received a staged reading on December 1, 2019 but was not chosen for full production. As it turned out, COVID caused cancellation of the 2020 season, so its production would not have taken place – silver linings and all.

It’s Not Love on My Part

The Copley family, 79-year-old Dora and her four children, gathers at the nursing home bedside of their comatose and dying patriarch. What begins as a simple vigil becomes a day of reckoning as they struggle to come to terms with a lifetime of violent abuse at his hands.


Sean is one serious prepper, and has built a bonafide nuclear bomb shelter in his backyard. At the opening of the play, Sean, his wife, and his daughter, are rushing down to get in, along with the couple next door, Keith and Roseanne. They get settled inside just as a nuclear detonation takes place above, obliterating the lives and world they knew. As they deal with that trauma, the truth about how the neighbors came to join them comes out, throwing the shelter into chaos, with nowhere to run.