Welcome to AnthonyWrites

Welcome to the newly restored AnthonyWrites, now on WordPress.  Like many others, I left behind Livejournal and add this to my other WP blogs.

I may eventually move my old posts from my Livejournal site, but for now I plan to start fresh.

My current WIP is a full length stage drama/dark comedy titled “It’s Not Love on My Part,” about a family whose vigil over their comatose, dying father becomes a reckoning over the wreckage of their past.

I’m nearly done with the first act and already sketching out the second.  I really need to get it done because I have two more plays scratching at the inside of my skull, dying to escape, living only in little parcels of handwritten scraps.

One is titled “Kilroy’s Unfinished Symphony,” about a brilliant concert pianist whose career had been derailed by substance abuse.  Now, several years into recovery, teaching a teenage prodigy opens the raw wounds of his own childhood trauma.

The other is tentatively titled “A Few Too Many Things,” about an elderly woman whose clinically out of control hoarding has forced a do-or-die confrontation with her son and daughter-in-law.

As I progress I’ll post occasional updates.  Hopefully a year or two down the road, I’ll be posting notices of readings and development.  But for now, it’s just me writing.


About Anthony

An aspiring playwright/screenwriter, ex-Christian Humanist who has a few things to say now and then :)
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