Will You Join in Our Crusade?

Anthony does write, to be sure.

But sometimes Anthony gets to sing.

Friday night will see the opening of our local production of Les Miserables.  We are a small town theater group, so what we’ve done is recreate the 10th/25th Anniversary Concert format.  We’re costumed, with a choir and 12 piece orchestra, and we’ve trimmed it down to about a 2-1/2 hour dramatized concert with slides and video to tie the story together.

It’s really coming together very nicely.

And who am I in this production?

That was actually a veiled hint.  Who am I?  I’m Jean Valjean.  Heady stuff, isn’t it.  It’s the most demanding singing I’ve done in probably 20 years, and it’s honestly a dream come true for me.  I hope I do it justice.

If you’re close enough to local, here are the deets:  Friday August 1st 7:00pm and Saturday August 9th 7:00pm at the Robert Stanton Theater in King City.

I would love to see any and everyone come support community theater.

The Stage Hands Presents: Les Miserables

LezMizPosterFinalJC.p1.pdf.r150 (1)

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